Share Your World – July 03, 2017

Joining Cee’s Share Your World challenge.  As always, she has four (thought provoking) questions for us.  I find there is a mix of those questions that are very easily answered with little thought required, those that require a bit of extra thought, and those to which my first is thought is “I have no blankety blank idea” – LOL.  Let’s see what she’s got for us this week.  To view this week’s challenge head on over to this week’s Share Your World on Cee’s Photography (note:  photographs are not a requirement in your post).

 For your main meal do you prefer sweet and sour, hot and spicy, spicy and sweet, bitter, salty, bland or other?
Hmmm…. I guess my first choice would be sweet with a bit of bite (hot/spicy)… Some sour in there is good too.  Don’t care for bland food but not a fan of lots of salt nor am I fan of pure hot without something to cut the heat.

Where do you hide junk when people come over?

One of three places – LOL:

  1. Bedroom
  2. Office
  3. Garage

What daily habit would you like to introduce to your life?
And here we have the one question (yep always at least one that, in my book, has me thinking – “I’ve got nooooo idea”….

I should be doing more  to excerise every day and same could be said about my water intake (I’m terrible at drinking enough water).

I have a number of craft projects that have been pushed to the back burner (a little bit each day would get them done).  Same thing with writing (not that I have any projects there)…My blogs could also maybe use more daily effort.

If you were to perform in the circus, what would you do?  

Nothing…  Are you kidding me.  I have absolutely zero talent for anything that would be circus-worthy (hard pressed to think what my talents are, period).  And even if I did have talent I can’t reallythink of anything I’d want to do….  I mean I guess riding the horses would be fun and the trapeze artists are pretty cool (but no way I’d want to do something like that).

Optional Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

Next week is belt testing for my son (and the rest of the class).  Looking forward to seeing how he does with that.  As for this week, I’m grateful for a safe and uneventful fourth of july and for all the police and fire crew that worked that day keeping us safe.  My thanks to them for their sacrifice and for giving up time with their families to ensure our safety.


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