#WeekendCoffeeShar: July 02, 2017- Safe 4th of July.

Just two more days till the 4th of July.  I’d like to wish everyone a safe and fun 4th of july, though it’s pretty good bet that there will be those out there that decide to do something completely & utterly stupid involving fireworks or fire crackers…  It always happens – “Here hold my beer and watch this” or something equally dumb….  Hopefully one of those people won’t be you.

Something else to keep in mind is that many states in the southwest area (Arizona, New Mexico, California) have been experiencing a lot of wildfires.  One thing that causes wildfires is careless use of fireworks & crackers, as well as carelessness when it comes to campfires.  There are, of course, many other reasons.

Finally, keep in mind, while celebrating the festivities and all that the sound of fireworks is not enjoyed by all.  Pets are often scared off by fireworks.  If you have pets, keep them inside and safe.  Try to make sure that they have done there business before the start of fireworks so that is done and taken care of (if at all possible).  I’ve heard that many a pet has run off or runaway and gotten lost at the sound of firecrackers. 

People suffering from PTSD can also have a negative reaction to the sounds of firecrackers.  For them, it isn’t the sound of celebration that they correlate with firecrackers, but possibly sounds of war, of guns, of explosions.

For my family,  I think we will probably spend the evening at home…. I may, or may not, try to ride over to the nearby park that evening to see what is going on there, but don’t know if I’ll stay to see the fireworks or not.    I don’t think she’ll be overly happy about it, but the plan is to keep Meekah in towards evening time…  Which means we need to prepared for a good amount of meowling about wanting out.

Enjoy your 4th of July everyone,  but be sure and enjoy it safely and responsibly.


One thought on “#WeekendCoffeeShar: July 02, 2017- Safe 4th of July.

  1. Last year an illegal firecracker burned Boise’s icon Table Rock. It has put a damper on firecracker. A young boy is thousands of dollars in debt. Long ago I decided fireworks were no when one of our dogs tried to go through cement to get away from the noise. Let’s hope all will be safe. Idaho became a state July 3. Growing up we veiled both events and my birthday is July 6. I will turned 86.

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