#WeeklySmile 78: June 28, 2017

Having a hard time thinking of things to put down that made me smile this week.  I’m not much of a smiler or laugher – No reason, it’s just how I am.  I may not always seem to be altogether there or with it but don’t let that fool you…  Often, I am paying more attention than you might think I am.  And just because I am not all smiles and laughter don’t think that I don’t have a sense of humor or that I’m not laughing or chuckling on the inside.  My personality seems to come across as serious, negative, pessimistic — I don’t do this intentionally it’s just how I naturally am.

So one thing that did make me smile is hearing that my son finished his Biology course yesterday (including taking the final).  He had actually missed the first couple days of the summer session, due to being at camp, AND he still finished early  – Today is the last day but since he finished yesterday, he does’t have to go in).


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