#WeeklySmile – 77

I usually post my “Weekly Smile” on Wednesday.  Woke up this morning and realized I hadn’t posted it yet…  Ooops, My Bad 😔.

I find these Weekly Smiles a good “assignment” in thinking  of that which made me smile throughout the week.   It can be hard to think of things that make us smile.  Often things the little things are overlooked as we go through our day to day lives.

One seemingly small thing that is making me smile is that I have been told that there is an 8×8 canopy waiting for me when I go to the Farm & Art Market this evening.  Here’s what happened….  

I’ve been putting out a table at a local Farm & Art market.  They really want me to have a canopy over my table (all vendors have a canopy) but I can’t afford one at $40 (minimum, if lucky enough to find) in one pop.  They’ve been nice enough to let me do without the past couple of times but were really wanting me to have one…  So, anyway, the boyfriend of the coordinator has put one together for me.  It’ll cost me $25, which I can pay off each time I do the event.  Something small but at the same time big.

Another thing making me smile is the baking of these muffins for some local firefighters.


4 thoughts on “#WeeklySmile – 77

  1. The muffins look good – I hope the firefighters enjoy! Did you see the article about Adele (the singer) visiting the London firefighters? She came knocking on their door with some cakes (cookies?) in hand to thank them for helping with that awful fire in London. Don’t worry when you post – t’s open all week and I’m glad you join so often and take it to heart – taking time out to like at the more positive side of life.

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