#WeekendCoffeeShare – June 11, 2017

Good Morning everyone…  Or, Yiddish, Gut Margn… similar to the German Guten Morgen.  Did you know that Yiddish is made of a mixture of German, Russian, and Hebrew.

Come, welcome Guten Tag…  Join me for a cup of coffee.  Today was another early day.  Meekah decided that somewhere between 3:30 and 4am this morning was a great wake up time – I don’t recall the exact time all I know is it was too early for her to be let out.  I did go back to sleep for a bit on the couch and woke up again sometime mid-way between 4:30 and 5am.  Now she’s happily sleeping on “Her” chair next to mine: 

I’m going to have get my sleep adjusted as I go on a ridealong Thursday from 2pm – midnight.  This time I’m going with a different department, one a little larger one than my local department.  I think it’ll be good too get a different look.  Hope they don’t mind a bit of a bribe 😉😋 – I’m going to make up a batch of blueberry-banana muffins to take with me.  Going to possibly make up some for Soldiers Angels.  These would need to be marked perishable so I need to check to be sure there isn’t an extra cost involved (ie due to fact they have to be shipped quicker).
Speaking of police departments and all that, last week was a busy one for me in that regard…  Monday was an “all-hands” volunteer meeting,  Tuesday I went in for more training (and actually got to try my hand at doing a fingerprint – I still have a lot to learn ☺️, Wednesday was the ground-breaking event for the new building…  Been waiting a long time for that to come to fruition.  I am hoping to post something about the ground-breaking event but will need to wait till my piece is approved by proper channels at the police department so it may be a while.  Once done, it’ll be over on my Public Safety blog.  Speaking of, I finally got word back from part 1 of the write-up I had done a while back with the Fire Department so I can get that up.  Still waiting on part 2.

Monday was a busy day for us as, in addition to my going in for a meeting,  my husband had a follow-up eye exam (from cataract surgery), then my son had his annual exam pretty much right after.  We also ran a couple other shopping type errands that day…  Hubby got approval to get cataract surgery done on the other eye so that will be done later this month.

Doesn’t look like much going on this next week.  Our son is off to summer camp this week.  Almost as soon as he gets back he starts summer school for a couple weeks.  On top of that he’ll be doing tutoring 4 days a week plus scouts & martial arts – He’ll be one busy kid😅.

Now that I’ve probably bored with my rattling, what’s been going on in your neck of the woods?    How about heading on over to the Weekend Coffee Share blog posted by our hostess Emily at Nerd In The Brain.  You can read other coffee shares and share your own.

Burrowed from Emily at Nerd In The Brain

Have your selves a wonderful week.  I’m off to read some other coffee share blogs.


6 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare – June 11, 2017

  1. “Did you know that Yiddish is made of a mixture of German, Russian, and Hebrew.” – I did not know that and if we were having coffee today, I would ask if you know any other words in Yiddish?

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    • Yes, I did… But no, I don’t know any other words – too be honest I had to look that up. My grandmother & grandfather spoke yiddish – especially when they wanted to say something w/o others knowing what they were talking about. I never learned it though.

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