Just A Funny I once heard… Ending on a Serious Note

Don’t know where this funny originated from but I heard from my husband (he can’t remember where he heard it)…

So there were these two guys talking.  One of was from another country.  He was complaining about long lines and insurance, just all sorts of things.  The one guys (who had lived in America his whole life) turns to the other guys and asks, so tell me about your old country  – what was it like?  

“Couldn’t complain” says the first guy.

“How  about lines and waiting?”

“Couldn’t complain” 

“And What about the doctors, medical insurance, things like that.”

“Couldn’t complain”

On this goes for a while.  Finally the guy from America asks, “If things were so great in your country why did you come here?”

“Because here I can complain”.

So going a little serious here….  We should always remember – not just on Armed Forces Day, Veterans Day, Memorial Day – those who have fought that we have the freedoms and rights we do, including the right to complain.


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