#WeekendCoffeeShare – June 04, 2017

Note:  Below was actually typed up earlier but not posted due to some technical dificulties with uploading photos.

Can you believe we’re into June already…  And that we’re hitting temps above 100 (actually have been since May, though not necessarily with consistency).

As of early this morning

Ohhh my gosh, where the heck are my manners….  Hello everyone, welcome.  Come on on and….  well on second thought – I should have hubby throw something on instead of running around in his underwear.  TMI?!?  Probably – sorry.  The thing is, he wouldn’t understand my asking him to put somethign on for a virtual coffee thing and would probably think I was being ridiculous… So, let’s just imagine he’s dressed  and go on – Yes??

So, where were we?  Ohh right,  I was talking about it being June and the HOT weather we’re getting around these parts.  The good thing is we’re still (for now at least) getting nice relatively cool temps in the early mornings.  Cool enough to be able to open up the house for a bit.  The bad part – It doesn’t cool down till like 2 or 3 in the morning which means you’re up in the middle of the night to open up the house, and it starts heating up by around 7am.  But hey, at least there’s that small window of time.  Pretty soon there won’t hardly even be that.  That pool Pamela mentioned  in her coffee post sure does sound inviting.  We do have a community pool nearby but we lost our key for it a while back and haven’t spent the money on new.  Besides I don’t do well in community pools with all the moving water and wave action from everyone moving around.  Basically I can’t walk a straight line afterwards (longish story there).  The other thing is that, at least for a while, it was hard to know when the pool was going to be open as they kept closing it for various reasons.  Truth is, I’ve always enjoyed swimming, even though I haven’t gone in quite some time,  I just don’t do well (and thus, don’t like to go) in busy community pools.  Now adult swim where everyone is swimming laps and basically going in the same direction – that’s much better.

One good thing about the heat….  I can hang our clothes out to dry – 

With 100 degree temps, they tend to dry fairly quickly.  The only thing is that you have to watch out for the monsoons.

I do hope you’ll also head on over and drop in on our host Nerd In The Brain and check out some more Coffee Shares, perhaps even add your own.  Enjoy the upcoming week.  I’ll try to get over to check out some coffee blogposts myself.  Either way,  I’ll see y’all next week.


4 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare – June 04, 2017

    • LOL had to go to my app to see what that was in Farenheit. 90’s down to 60’s – Yikes. And 90 is definitely warm…Not as hot as here but hot enough 😅😰

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    • 190?? 😮 Never heard any place get that hot – not even the desserts in the Middle East. We’ve been some dust & wind storms here – murder on the asthma related coughing.

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