#WeeklySmile – 74

Well one thing (2 rather), right away, that are worth smiling  or at least grinning about – A) I got my mammogram done…Easy Peasy Lemon Squee (ummmm 🤔)…That, and what I have referred to in past blogs as, my women’s visit 😂.  The latter came back with no problems, the first one I should get the results in about 7-10 days ….  So unless I hear anything back, I’m good for at least another year.  

I’m also smiling because I heard back from another police department, in the area, that I’ve been waiting to hear from regarding a ridealong.  In fact I just completed one last night with the local sheriff’s department.  Each ridealong is a unique and interesting experience.  I’ve been on a few (not tons) and I don’t think any 2 have been quite the same.

So that concludes my Weekly Smiles for this week – BTW click on the link there ⬆️ to head over to see the Trent’s (Trents World) Weekly Smile challenge blog for this week.

Have an awesome week and remember to “Smile


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