#WeekendCoffeeShare -May 28, 2017

Welcome to another Weekend Coffee Share hosted, as usual, by the amazing Emily over at Nerd In The Brain (and created by the awesome Diane over at Part-Time Monster Blog) … I really wanted a word that that was a simile to wonderful or awesome that started with an “E”, but that wasn’t  to be.

Anyway,  come join me for a cuppa.  Today I’m trying the new International Delight One Touch Latte.  Either I didn’t put enough coffee in the cup or didn’t do enough of the foam (I did hold the button down for the full 7 seconds though) – Thinking I need practice with this thing 😉😝

Before I go any further, let me just wish everyone a safe and wonderful Memorial Day.  To me the importance of this “Holiday” is remembering those who sacrificed all (meaning their lives) that we may have the freedoms and ability to celebrate and such that we do.  

A friend of mine on twitter shared this and messaged it to me so I could share it…  It shows the different holidays relatedto the armed forces and all and what they mean:

While we’re out celebrating with family & friends, and barbecuing and all, let’s  remember those who never made it home, never made it “out of their uniform”.

OK, so on to less gloom and doom type of stuff…  

I was at our local Fry’s Food Store the other day and came across these…

I mean what will they (Oreo) come up with next.

Ohhhh Ohhh Ohhh…. Have I shared that I’m going in this coming week to start volunteering with our local police 😀- well more like training but it’s OVT (On the Volunteer) type training I guess you could call it.  The same day as I do that,  I am also going in (to a different department) to do a ridealong during swing shift (which goes till midight).  I tried a mids shift (which is basically graveyard) once and let me tell you that took it out of me not to mention, being a Sunday night, it was slowwwww.  If I am ever able to work it out to try mids again, I think I’ll maybe try something like a Saturday night —  That’s “IF”…At my age, grave shifts (when I’m not use to being up all night) isn’t so easy a feat as it was when I was say in my 20’s.

So that’s basically what’s been going on around here in my neck of the woods.  How about in yours?  Come share your week (last/next/both, your choice).

If you’ve got a weekend coffee to share, share it via the link attached to the image below (burrowed from Emily)


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