#WeekendCoffeeShare – May 14, 2017

Come, join me for a cup.  Coffee’s pretty fresh – just finished brewing just a little more than a few minutes ago.

The first big news (ok not big,  I have been mentioning it several times before) –  My son got his Star Rank yesterday

The pin, in the first photo was lost somewhere at the Court of Honor event which is why you don’t see it in the second photo.

His troop also got a Journey to Excellence awared again this year

The patches aren’t yet sewed on, which is why he is holding it here (the rank patch above had been tacked on using a buttoneer – handy little tool).

…. Just realized Miss Meekah is sitting at the door waiting to be let back in.  Give me a sec while I go do that. She’s just sitting patiently meowing quietly…

Ok, I’m back again.  Here. My son is pinning the mother’s pin on me.  It is tradition that the boys pin a mother’s pin to their mother,

and then mom or dad pins the boys rank pin to him.  The pin is really only for the ceremony and comes off when they get home…  The rank badge stays on the uniform until they earn the next rank – in my son’s case that will be the Life Rank.

Well that’s really all I’ve got for this weekend.  Not much else for me to talk about.    I’d love to hear about your Weekend (or past week even) while I make more coffee…  Anyone up for another cup?

Have a wonderful weekend ohhh and Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mom’s out there.  Be sure to head over and check out Emily’s WeekendCoffeeShare.  A huge ShoutOut to her for hosting this fun challenge.


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