#WeekendCoffeeShare – April 30, 2017

Welcome 😊.  Come take a seat and join me for a cup of coffee.  I’m seated in my usual “comfy chair”.  The one that’s big enough for me to sit sideways and use the armrest as a mini desk of sorts.

For those that joined me last week, you will, perhaps, recall, that I was scheduled to go on a ridealong with the local fire department.  I’ve submitted a little write-up I did to the community relations manager (think I’m using the right title) as a courtesy to be sure I’m being accurate in my depiction and not saying anything I shouldn’t be.  I have mind to do a second write-up but haven’t quite decided which angle I want to focus on.  Once these write-ups are done, and have been “approved”, I’ll be posting them to my Public Safety Tidbits blog.

I can tell you that, as expected, it was interesting fun and educational. There wasn’t quite as much “start of shift” stuff going on as there was on my last ridealong – which was considered a “Monday” shift (which has nothing to do with the actual day of the week).  There are things that are done every single shift but some things are done on a “Monday”.  Don’t ask me to explain in any detail as I’m sure I don’t completely understand all of it and, besides,  I don’t want to take up our coffeetime going on about my ridealong.  For those of you who wish to read about it, I’ll have something posted up (once approved) over on my Public Safety Tidbits blog.

Besides the recent ridealong, what else can I tell you…. Let’s see – ohhh,  I got the final approval for being a volunteer with our local police department and went in the other day to fill out & sign more paperwork, get my volunteer shirt,  and all that jazz…  I’ve got stuff to read through regarding being a volunteer and should be starting the required training shortly.

In other news (speaking of law enforcement & police stuff), I put in my requests for ridealongs with another local PD (I may have mentioned that before, I don’t remember) as well as the local Sheriff’s Department…  So now,  I am just awaiting news to see when I’ll be scheduled…  I would highly recomment that, if your local police department or sheriff’s office offers such ridealongs, you sign up and request to do such. You will, of course, need to go through a background check before being allowed to do so.  I think that, taken in the right light, these ridealongs can be quite educational and offer insight into what these guys do.  Mind you, as a civilian ridealong, you aren’t necessarily going to see the heavy duty stuff as most departments aren’t going to be keen on putting civilians into danger if it can be avoided…  Often times, there can be just as much learned during the “quiet times” of the shift by asking questions and listening to what the officer you are riding with has to say.  I believe most officers, as long as you aren’t asking them things that they are prohibited from talking about, are willing to talk to people and to educate.

Can’t really think of much else to talk about on my end.  What all has been going on with all of you?  Did you have a good weekend?  I hope so… Would love to hear about it.  Join the Weekend Coffee Share hosted by Nerd in the Brain for this fun coffee get together.

Before I go, here’s a picture I snapped yesterday when I had gotten up in the middle of the night to take care of some stuff (including putting drops in my husband’s eyes)…

For now, it is time for me to rinse out my coffee cup and see what all needs doing.  Wishes for a wonderful and joy-filled week for you all.  Laters


3 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare – April 30, 2017

  1. What will you be doing during your volunteer shifts? I did a lot of volunteering when I was younger. I was a Master Gardener and answer questions both on the phone and at various locations. We did a lot of volunteering at Wildlife Preserves traveling with our motorhome. I think my husband would have like to do ride along and volunteer at the police department. There are so many areas that need help. Thanks for taking the time to volunteer.

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