Our Random View Writing Prompts # 56-60

Writing Prompt #56

My favorite thing about spring would probably be the blooming of flowers.

Writing Prompt #57

My least favorite thing would probably be all the pollen and such that is in the air during springtime and the fact that my nose seems to turn into a seive.  The other thing would be the fact that I will, notoriously, go out in somewhere in the early/mid-afternoon in shortsleeves only to find myself freezing as the  sun goes down because I failed to bring a sweater or jacket with.

Writing Prompt #58

One memory that stands out was when I would run around outside, in the rain, in a jumper and t-shirt.  

Writing Prompt #59

In a way, yes.  We do some spring cleaning,in preparation of passover, to get rid of the leavening in the house.

Writing Prompt #60

Plans?  No, not really – Nothing special. Just another normal season of the year.

These Writing Prompts are hosted by Our Random View


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