#WeekendCoffeeShare – AtoZ Challenge and Ridealong.

Good Morning, Pull up a seat and join me for a quick cup of coffee.  I’m only going for one this morning (the other, I’ll have more later on – you’ll see why further down in this post).

As you’ve probably noticed, I have not signed on to do the #AtoZ Challenge this year.  I’ve done it in the past, but decided not to do it last year as I needed a break.  I almost signed up this year but just didn’t feel ready.  Doing the AtoZ Challenge is fun, but a lot harder than you might think, coming up with a post for each letter of the alphabet and finding the time to write or put together a post every day – it really does pay/help to have your posts pre-done and scheduled for the appropriate time, that way you don’t have to fret over it (something I should have done for this year, but I hadn’t really thought of doing the AtoZChallenge till it was too late for that).  To be honest,  I hadn’t really decided what topic to even use for the AtoZChallenge (if I had done it).  Perhaps next year I’ll take the plunge again.

I had thought of maybe doing something related to Mary Kay Cosmetics (and perhaps Mary Kay Ash) but not sure how that would have worked and was having trouble with some of the letters.  I had thoughts of doing A to Z Arizona (with places & things having to do with Arizona) over on Life Happens at The Carrs.   There are many options (though right now I can’t think of them) for Public Safety Tidbits.  As for Taini Writes, well that one is easy and yet difficult – Randomly find a word (or words) that start with each letter of the alphabet and incorporate into a story.

Enough of the AtoZ Challenge.  Last week seems to have been a typical week for me….  Looking back at the calendar (to refresh my memory of what has happened) there wasn’t really anything outside the usual, certainly nothing on there that had anything to do with me (pretty much all of it was appointments and such related to the family).  Nothing showing up for me for next week either.

Probably the biggest (and most exciting) thing going on, this coming week would be the ridealong I’ll be going on – a mids shift ridealong (mids for midnight).  This will be my second ridealong, third if you count the first one which was a partial shift, but my first doing an overnight ride.  Should be interesting, and I’m looking forward.  If I do happen to write up anything it will be over on my Public Safety Tidbits blog.  I baked up a batch (or two) of Oatmeal & Dried Fruit cookies to take with me for the officers (a little bribing – hee hee :-D, JK).

Time for me to finish up here, try to read a few Weekend Coffee Share posts (you should check some out as well), do something for breakfast, and see what all I need to do around here before I head out to run a couple errands & pick up my son from his Zip-Line camping trip (that will probably be posted about over on my Tuesday Chatter post (over on Life Happens at The Carrs), and then take a good long nap in preparation for tonight’s ridealong.

Have yourself a wonderful week.  Enjoy your coffee, and Happy Blogging.


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