#TuesdayChatter – March 14, 2017

Family Tuesday Chatter Coffee Chat. Join me over at the family blog (Life Happens….) for Tuesday Chatter

Life Happens at the Carrs

Good Morning to everyone. Well if you’re insane enough to be up at this hour (or maybe it’s a product of necessity – work, kids, etc). I’ve got some coffee on hand. Goodness knows I need it this morning, not so much for the caffeine kick – coffee never really does that for me – but for the slow wakingness (ok so I made that word up) it gives me. Last night was not the most restful for me. Don’t think I slept more than maybe a couple hours at a time. I kept waking up needing to flip sides as achiness seeped into my sleep waking me enough to notice the discomfort. Hopefully your rest last night was more restful than mine was.

So what’s Happening with the family?? Well, it is warming up around here – warming up considerably (we hit something like 90 yesterday).

Can’t recall if…

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