#WeekendCoffeeShare: March 12, 2017

Hello there.  Come join me.  I’m about to do my post for the  Weekend Coffee Share.

It’s been a pretty “business-as-usual” week…  My son goes to school a couple days a week (the rest of his schooling is done through an online course), takes Martial Arts twice a week, attends an autism group meeting once a week as well as scouts once a week.   Hubby has been working with another railroad buddy on some model railroad related stuff.  He’s been mainly working on the website for the guy.  Nothing in stone yet, but Hubby’s eye doctor is looking at doing cataract surgery.  I think we are pretty much just waiting to get it scheduled at this point.

Me,  I think I’m suppose to be the glue that holds everything together (except that the glue is failing and doing a terrible job at holding things together) – Errands to do? Appointments to go to?  Places to be?  Cue mom to do the running around.    Let’s add trying to work a business on top of that.  Ohh and household chores – some of which should be able to be done by others (like say the 15 year old son) but somehow end up on mom’s list of things to do….  AAAAAACCCCKKKKK!!!!!  Okay, I feel somewhat better now (sorry about your ears there, I should of warned you of the scream coming).

There are a couple of things coming up that I’m excited about….

It looks as if I will be brought on board with the local police department to be a volunteer and helping out with events & community relations.  Basically waiting for some final details to be taken care of and worked out.

Speaking of police department,  I’ll soon be eligible to do another ride-along with two of the local agencies.  I was speaking to someone from one of those agencies who was saying that when I’m ready to do another (and eligible according to time restrictions) he should be able to look up who I rode with last time if I wish to ride with him again.   I may write about the experience on my Public Safety Tidbits blog (mind you I won’t be able to write any details so much of it will either be very generic or thoughts & opinions).   

I’m also in the process of getting updated paperwork in for another ride-along with the Fire Department and when I say process I mean just that.  I’ve made several attemtps to email a filled-out version of a form sent to me with no success.  Neither myself nor the person on the other end can understand why the form isn’t going through properly (it’s always either blank or not there).  At this point I’ve decided to print the form, fill it out, and take it in to the admin building.  The scheduling of said ride-along and the ride-along itself should be a piece of cake compare to this computer fiasco.  I’ll probaby write   a littlle bit about this experience as well (again on my Public Safety Tidbits blog, following the same guidelines mentioned above in regards to the police ride-along.  Paramount in my doing any kind of write up for these ride-alongs is number one accuracy (to the best of my knowledge) and, of course, confidentiality to all concerned.  So if you’re looking for me to write details on what happens – Not Happenning.

The last ride-alongs I’ve done with each agency have been educational & fun (not in the ha ha, laughter fun & games kind of way) but fun in a learning new things and gaining insight kind of way.

At the risk of making this coffee chat longer and longer, I was asked if I was taking a course or if I was interested in pursuing a career in Public Safety…  Class – No, but I wish I could.  I’d love to get my EMT-I ( I believe the EMT-B would be the equivalent now) back.  Career – I doubt very much I’m cut out (not at my age, physical abilities, etc to be a Police Officer or Firefighter.  Even working ambo on a daily basis would probably prove difficult.  If there was, however, something I could do (or learn to do) where I could be useful and beneficial then Yeah, I’d like to do something in Public Safety.   But then most Public Safety careers out there that I’d be physically able to do generally require that you’ve worked in the field a set or pre-determined number of years before trying for those positions…   At the very least, it would require that I go back to school and for me there’s the question of money and time (in that order) and then the biggy – What classes would I take? What would my area of study be…. 

Ok, so I’m going to quit there because if you are at all still around, it’s probably only because I’ve bored you to the point where you’ve fallen asleep at which point you really aren’t here anymore (not mentally anyway).

I hope you all have a wonderful & splendid week.  Make it a great one, and be safe out there.  We’ll see you all for the Weekend Coffee Share next Sunday.


4 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: March 12, 2017

    • I think both are kind of fun (but then I’m just crazy enough to think that way, LOL) – Not that I look at these as fun & games. I do take the ride-alongs seriously when I’m there with an eye towards learning new things.


  1. All we moms have the same endless list of “to dos” so I quite understand your rant! I have them myself from time to time. Hope your husbands surgery goes well-a coworker of mine just had both eyes done and was amazed at the difference and the ease in recovery. I also hope you enjoy your “ride alongs.” They sound very interesting.

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