Friday Fill-In Fun for Friday March 10, 2017

Time for another Friday Fill-In Fun:

1. I hope True Grit, Hell’s Kitchen and Master Chef get renewed for another season.  

Right now Fox is doing their Master Chef Jr run.  I’m guessing Master Chef will follow that (I hope) followed by Hell’s Kitchen – that seems to be how they do it.

True Grit,  has only been on one season so far and I’m awaiting season 

2. My first crush was in grade school when I was really to young to truly know anything about love, relationships, crushes, or anything beyond the “He’s cute” sigh.  My first honest to goodness crush the one where the prospect of a relationship actually meant something…  High School – Unfortunately the relationship with said high school crush  seemed to be more along the lines of a love/hate sort of relationship (he loved to tease me, and I hated it).  It was in college that, I guess you could say, I had my first adult crush – one where I was actually thinking beyond superficial cuteness & all that, and into that of serious relationships and forevers.  Too bad the guy didn’t really notice me (well certainly not in that way).  But life goes on.   I did end up marrying but that relationship didn’t come about from any crushes or whims.

3. Dealing with impatient and idiotic people on the roads usually makes me irritable…  But I generally just shake my head at their stupidity.  

Little is more satisfying than having someone zip around you on the on ramp because they can’t wait the extra few seconds for you to get up to speed only to catch up and pass them…  That or (and this happens less frequently) having someone zip around you and then slam on their brakes when they see the cop that was just driving along in front of you.
4. If I were a super-hero, I would be able to do all the chores and projects that need doing, all the errands and running around, work my business, and still have the time and energy to do whatever else my family (or others) needed of me…  On top of all that I’d be able to do everything that I want or need to do for myself.


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