Tuesday Chatter – March 07, 2017

Good Morning my friends and fellow bloggers.  I know, it’s early. I can’t even be sure I’m awake  yet but I’m slowly working on it with a cup of coffee..  As my husband was saying, as he took a sip of mine – “mmmm that’s nice and warm”.

So, what can we chat about??  I know, how about the weather – LOL.  Just kidding.  We did get a fair amount of wind around here yesterday, enough that when I had the windows and doors open stuff was on my makeshift chairside table was getting blown about.Sorry for the terrible photo.  I haven’t bothered to turn the living room light on this morning.

There was a gorgeous Sunset the other night.

In just a few minutes I’ll need to go and do a post for a Mary Kay facebook party I’m having hosted – Probably a game, I like to start off the mornings with a fun game. Haven’t really decided which it will be yet.

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday and a wonderful rest of the week.  Enjoy.

The Tuesday Chatter is hosted, weekly,  by Eugenia over at Brew N Spew


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Chatter – March 07, 2017

  1. hi, thanks for commenting at my #skywatch post at my blog (sWishingUp) – enjoyed seeing your sunset pics here, fab colours! I’ve no idea how a facebook party works but hope you enjoyed your day and had fun 🙂

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