Friday Fill-In Fun and Top 5

Here is my Friday Fill-In answers (hosted by 15 and meowing & McGuffey Reader).

1. My favorite herb or spice is… Garlic would be a topper on the list as would either Cardamom (might be Coriander, not sure which it is I like).

2. An herb/spice I dislike is... Not super fond of the Hot Red Pepper or Chili Pepper flakes – though I’m finding that a tiny amount in a batch of Hot Mexican Chocolate cookies is quite good.

3.Lately, I have been working on Nothing in particular.

4.This Winter was mild –  I do live in Arizona after all…  We did get some nippy weather (considering).
And my Top 5 (hosted by Monster Martha).  This week we’re talking Candy – In no particular order

  1. Cinnamon Imperials (or Red Hots)
  2. Jelly Beans
  3. Candy Coated Almonds
  4. Fierce Cinnamon – Hot Tamale Candies
  5. Salt Water Taffy

Author: Tena Carr

Why Jottings & Writings?? Because my (main) blog is a mixture of thoughts/opinions (jottings) and my attempts at (very) short story challenges (writings). Interests? - Pretty much anything to do with Fire/EMS/Police, Writing, and Social Media Firefighters, Police officers, Paramedics, Soldiers.... Those are the True Heroes.

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