#TuesdayChatter and a Cup of Coffee

Good morning to everyone.  Got a fresh, hot, cup of coffee here… Care to join me?  I can make more. Listening to my favorite radio station (KIIM-FM 99.5).

Been spending the last two days doing a bunch of baking and delivering baked goodies (muffins & cookies) to local fire stations and  police station.  Did another batch of baking last week which also went to local fire stations and police department….  Doing more delivering again today.   I also shipped some cookies off for Soldiers Angels.   Just something I enjoy doing – baking and taking baked good to local fire and police (as well as sending to our troop overseas).  My way of saying Thanks, just wish I could do more often and hit more stations.

Well, my coffee is now gone and it’s time to make another cup.  While I do so, tell me about what’s going on with you.  

Take care and have a great tuesday and enjoy some Tuesday Chatter

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