#WeekendCoffeeShare – February 19, 2017

Wowww…  Talk about being late to the party.  Hopefully not so late that I’ve missed everyone.  I’ve already had my coffee for the day, but I can always brew up some more real quick for anyone who wishes to join me.

I got a little side-tracked earlier this morning on a couple things I needed to get done, then when I went to find the hosting coffee share post via my email (where all the blogs I’m subscribed to go), seemed to have some difficulty locating said email…  So, over to Weekend Coffee Shares’ new home –  Nerd In the Brain… And there it is: Weekend Coffee Share in a New Home.  I’m sure I’m subscribed to receive the newest blogs….  But I won’t bore you all with anymore of my technical difficulties.  On to the matter at hand – COFFEE.  Though, actually, now I’m having a nice hot bowl of soup.  Perfect for the dreary weather we’re having.

One of those days where you look out and really don’t want to do much of anything but stay in.

Thankfully I am comfy in my Roe Leggings

My son is due back from his hiking campout anytime now.  Considering the weather this weekend I’m thinking someone might be on the cold & wet side.

This isn’t his first campout nor his first with this troop.  However, it was his first hiking campout.  I’m hoping he did okay and had everything he needed.  Quite a difficult task to get him down to where what he’s carrying is only a quarter of his weight when a quarter of his weight only allows him abou 27 lbs and 16 of that is in water alone (a required 2 gallons was needed at 8lbs/gal) and then there’s the backpack to carry his gear.  He was buddied up with another scout so some gear is split up – such as the tent and the cook stove/fuel (One carries one, and the other carries the other).  Plus a sleeping bag…  And then there’s the personal gear and food. I think he technically might have been a little bit over, and that was after going through and taking out non-essentials.  Will be interesting to see how things went.

What else???  Well, I am closing out a Facebook party – Mary Kay, of course (but I’m sure you guessed that 😉 ).  Infact, I need to get back to my hostess to work out her hostess rewards, etc.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend – hopefully drier than what it is around here.  Don’t forget to check out the weekend coffee share for this week.


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