Tuesday Chatter:  Feb 15, 2017

Hi, Hello, am I too late?  Probably.  I didn’t get a chance to do a Tuesday Chatter post yesterday morning with my morning coffee, like I usually do.  I had, instead, planned on trying to do it later – maybe while out and about with hubby running errands….  Didn’t happen, so here I am on Wednesday and today is another busy day.  Hope you’ll join me for a quick cup of coffee any way.

Right now the family is asleep, but later this morning we have a meeting way down south of downtown to go then some stops to make on the way back home towards our house….  The afternoon is clearish but there’s still a lot of things to do.  And then this evening my son has a group meeting plus his Martial Arts class.  This is the last one being done as a “private” session. Next week he’ll be moving to another Martial Arts class wherein he’ll be in a group.  He’s been doing fairly good.  The biggest hurdle for him seems to be finding that balance between being robotic in his movements and being like a limp rag doll.  He’s trying but the fluid and controlled movements don’t come easy.  He’ll get the hang of it though, I’m sure.

Just had to flip the laundry over and I’m just about done with my first coffee so  I should say good day to you lovely people and get to work with folding some laundry and trying to get a little MKU in (if I can) before getting ready for the day…  That along with making myself another cup of coffee.  Before I leave, I’ll ask you to check out Tuesday Chatter at BrewNSpew.  It’s another fun Coffee Chat.


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