#WeekendCoffeeShare – February 12, 2017

Hi everyone 👋🏼.  How are you all doing?  Did you have a good week, last week?  I hope so.  Come join me for a cup of coffee – fresh made, to order.

It looks as if the Weekend Coffee Share is being moved from Part-Time Monster over to Nerd in the Brain.  If you are already a part of the Weekend Coffee Share community you’ll want to be sure your following Nerd in the Brain and joining in over there…  If not, well I invite (begging Nerd’s forgiveness for not asking first – I’m sure she won’t mind) you to head on over and join the fun….  Just don’t forget to come back to me 😉.

Well look at who is joining us for coffee share, Miss Meekah Kitty.  I’ve written about her over on our Family Blog – Life Happens at The Carrs, though I haven’t written much lately.

Got a lot of things to work on today…  Mostly office/admin type stuff.  My desk area has gotten a little out of hand and needs some TLC as you can see.

My Office Space in the Living Room.

Lots of little things to work on – coupons, receipts, going through paperwork, taking care of some little projects etc…  Plus I am working a facebook party, but I’m not the hostesses – Someone else is acting a the hostess.  The nice thing is they don’t have to do anything just invite their friends and have fun at the “party”…  But enough about all that.  I don’t want you all to think that facebook parties and Mary Kay is all I think about…

My son is going off on a hiking campout next weekend.  I believe this is his first time doing this campout.  He hasn’t done it in years past as there is a ratio requirement of gear to boy’s weight , which is something like 1/4 of the boy’s weight that he can carry in gear  (something like that).  We’re thinking this year he’ll be okay.  My son isn’t exactly a muscular type.  Even at 15 (15 – 1/2) he’s well rather scrawny looking (but a lot tougher, in many  ways, than he looks).

And what about the hubby?  He was talking, just a little bit ago, about getting serious about his trains (model railroading that is) again.    He is a ferroequinologist… Now let’s see if anyone can break that apart and figure out what it means 😋.

Well, it looks like my first cup of coffee is gone (drunk)  and I’m about to start my second cup in a moment.  That and do a pre-party post for that facebook party I mentioned earlier.

Wishing you all a wonderful week and I’ll see you next Sunday – same time, same place.


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