Tuesday Coffee Chatter

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday to all. What’s up with you all? Anything new and exciting? Or is this looking like just another run-of-the-mill week for you? Nothing super exciting going on but hasn’t really been completely a “run-of-the-mill” week going on around here the past few weeks. We’re getting back to a normal type week – a bit variable and sometimes crazy but just the usual stuff.

I think we pretty much have something going on nearly every day of the week –  On Mondays & Wednesdays my son goes to tutoring and Martial Arts; Plus he has an Autism group on Wednesdays…  On Tuesdays & Thursdays he goes to school for IEP services (his academic studies are actually being done online, and it’s actually been working well for him so far)…  He does ride himself to scouts and to tutoring but has to be taken to school, to his group meeting, and I’ve been taking him to his Martial Arts.  Of course there’s the usual food shopping during the week and then any appointments that come up…  At home, there’s always the usual household chores and household projects (not to be confused with chores).  In there, I try to find time to work my business – LOL…. Friday is Shabbat prep day (Shabbat actually begins at sundown on Friday).  Saturday is our “relax” day though we do go to services on some Saturdays (and occassional on Friday evening).  

Ok, that is enough about all my crap.  I’m sure you’re probably bored silly (or maybe even ran off – you are still around aren’t you?). Making another round of coffee.  Join me and I promise I’ll listen to your coffee chat now.

And with that, I’ll bid you a wonderful Tuesday and a wonderful week.  Take Care and Be Safe out there!  Ohhh and be sure and check out Brew & Spew’s Coffee Chatter for this week


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