Tuesday #Coffee Chatter – for January 31, 2017

Sorry I’m late to the Tuesday Coffee Chatter (hosted by Eugenia).  To be honest I sort of forgot about doing this yesterday, on top of which I got busy doing other things including shopping and working on things around the house – nothing exciting really, just things.

So this morning I’m trying some Bailey’s Mudslide in my coffee.  It’s pretty good.  My usual is just plain half & half with some “stevia blend” sugar.  The Bailey’s is a treat to myself.  

So today is first wednesday (first wednesday of the month) which means that the grocery stores around here (most anyway) have a 10% senior discount going on.  Why it’s not more often, I have no idea.  This afternoon evening will be filled with taking my son to tutoring, to an autism group meeting, and then to his martial arts class.  Ohhh and in all this I’ve the Mary Kay Univercity I’m doing, plus a Mary Kay facebook event to create (which will be starting next week and running most of the week).

I hope all you are having an excellent start to the week and wish you all the best for the remaining week.  Take Care and Stay Safe.  


5 thoughts on “Tuesday #Coffee Chatter – for January 31, 2017

  1. Probably because many seniors received their monthly checks. For it is better on the third of the month. Social Security now varies the time the checks cone out. When started receiving it we all got them the 3rd of the month.

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