#WeekendCoffeeShare – January 29, 2017

Good Morning my blogging friends.  How is everyone doing?  Could I interest you in a cup of coffee? tea (hot or iced)? tazo chai pumpkin spice latte?  There’s even apple juice, cranberry juice, and ginger ale.  Sorry no water unless your okay with tap (which is drinkable but not that great).

Our Meekah Kitty is on her favorite chair, here, to keep us company.  She’ll probably even allow her to pet her for a bit.  She really likes her chin scratched.

What all was everyone up to last week?  Was it a good week?  Last week was filled with lots of phone calls, errands, appointments, and such.  Don’t know if I could classify it as good, bad, or otherwise – probably the latter to be honest.  There’s wasn’t anything especially good about it that I can recall but could always be worse so can’t say bad.

Lately I’ve noticed that most of my blogs on here have been for the Weekend Coffee Share.  Not that there’s anything wrong with doing the Coffee Share and I rather look forward to doing it but I really need to get to doing more….  Just seems like lately things have been a little nutty here.

I hope you’ll head over to Part-Time Monster’s Weekend Coffee Share and check out the other Coffee Share blogs and be sure and join in with your own coffee share blog.


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