#WeekendCoffeeShare ☕️☕️ January 08, 2017

Hi everyone 😊 Good to be back, joining the Weekend Coffee Share.  Sorry I missed out on last weeks Weekend Coffee Share (think maybe the last 2 weeks).  

We spent a week down in Texas visiting friends & family for channukah.  First “vacation” or long trip we’ve taken since moving here to Arizona (from Texas) nearly four years ago.  We were actually able to figure out a way to take hubby’s electric wheelchair along so he could use it during the trip.

The ramps (made out of 1×12 & metal ramps) were secured on either side of the wheelchair for travel.  We later added metal plates to the end that goes on the ground as well as special tape that gives a rough surface, something we should have done a lot sooner than we did – it really made a huge difference in loading & unloading the chair.

The hotels we stayed at during the trip were actually fairly decent for the most part and while the coffee was nothing to write home about it was decent enough.  Most of my “morning coffee” was supplied via “breakfast” offered by the hotels.

The room we stayed at on the trip to Texas did leave a bit to be desired (definitely needed some work done and changes made), but was doable.  The room we spent the week in Texas in was ok – a bit crowded for a week stay in my opinion but then we spent a good amount of time out visiting and such so it wasn’t too bad, though I didn’t really sleep well on the bed there (too hard I think).  I think, by far, the best room was on the first night coming home.

That’s the kind of room I would have liked to stay in for the week we were in Texas…Plenty of room, Sam had his own bed to sleep in,  roll in shower with shower chair for  TC…I even think they may have had the better coffee at breakfast.  I’m pretty sure they had the best breakfast 😉.

All in all, it’s good to be home and drinking the coffee that I’m use to from my own coffee cup, made from my own coffeepot, sitting in my favorite comfy chair with Meekah curled up in her chair.

See y’all next week.


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