#WeekendCoffeeShare – Sunday December 18, 2016

Meant to start on this while drinking my first cup of coffee (which is what I usually do), but this time I had to work on something else, really quick, before I could start on my coffee share.  So now, I’m waiting for my second cup of coffee to finish up, which should be anytime now – in fact I’m going to give it a quick check…..

Ahhh yes, that hit’s the spot – hot coffee… Ohh shoot, where are my manners,  Can I offer you a cup??   Got a single serve coffee maker so coffee to order if you don’t mind waiting for it to brew.  Got a regular French Roast/Sumatra blend as well as a Super Dark.  There’s also plain half & half as well as Almond Joy International Delight Creamer.  There’s also Stevia as well as a Turbinado sugar.  Sorry, no white sugar on hand here…

Enough of about the coffee, though this is a coffee blogpost LOL 😂.

Oooops just realized I have to check something I left in the car last night… BRB….

Ok, everything was fine.  Just left some sparkling cider out in the car and was worried (actually hubby was worried) about it having possibly frozen up last night.  Think it was suppose to get down to around 32 degrees last night (freezing for us here).

Last week was busy with lots of errands and such.  Took car in latter part of last week for a trip inspection.  Passed just fine.  Bought hitch and trailer to put on car.  Going to spend today putting hitch on car and putting trailer (a little 40″ x 48″) together.

Well, just about done here,  Will try to catch up with some coffee blogs throughout the day.  For now, I need to jump in the shower real quick and get ready to head to the store to get some parts so we can get started on installing hitch. Not looking forward to going out there in the cold (just looked somewhere in neighborhood of 31 – 33 depending on which weather app you look at  – either way, BRRRR).

Wishing everyone a great day.  See you all next week for another coffee share (as I said, I’ll try to catch up with some other coffeeshares later).  If you want to read some of the other coffee share blogs, you can do so through Diana’s Weekend Coffee Share on Part Time Monster.  You can maybe even add your Coffee Share post to the list – there’s still time, I believe, for now.



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