#WeekendCoffeeShare: Sunday December 11, 2016

My husband’s birthday…. “Whatda ya know, (and) I’m not dead ” (quoting him)….

So, on to the Weekend Coffee Share…. btw, if you click on link ⬅️ you can read other coffeee shares.  There’s a little blue froggy at the end of the hostesses (Diana of Part Time Monster) blog that you can click on to see other coffee shares as well as add your own coffee share.

As I sip my coffee I’m thinking this will be a busy day.  We need to try and work on the oven if we can (what kind of idiot puts a (gas) hose so short you can’t pull the oven away from counter enough to get behind it to work on, or even clean back there) – *facepalm*

Pardon the mess

That was as far out as we could pull it – son got back there to try & disconnect hose (yes, we had him turn off gas to oven before) but SOB “must be welded on” – son’s words… Doubt it, but hasn’t been moved in forever (well before we moved in) so tight as….well tight.

Besides the oven, there’s the microwave to install.  Started to do that the other day, but found out there’s a slight difference between old & new.  Overall fit is fine, but needed different screws to hold microwave in place (over-the-range kind), plus maybe need to drill different holes).

The other fun is going to be installing hitch on car so we can attach trailer (still) to buy) to hold hubby’s wheelchair for trip to Texas.

Well that’s that…. And I’m just about done with first cup of coffee ☕️ and about to make another.

Wishing you all a blessed and superb week ahead.  See y’all next week.


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