Tuesday Chatter on a Wednesday Morning 

I completely forgot about doing a Tuesday Chatter yesterday… That is until last night, but by then I was really too tired to mess with it.  Besides, what’s a “Tuesday Chatter” without a bit of coffee?!?  So pull up a chair. Let’s chat.  About what? Ohhh I don’t know.  We could talk about the weather.  Winter is starting to hit people everywhere.  I’m hearing more & more reports of ice & snow. Even here in Arizona, our mornings are getting nippy – We’ve had a couple mornings down in the low 40’s and Highs have been in the 60’s lately.

What else could we chat about…How about our troops overseas – Ohhh shoot, I hope  I don’t open up a political can if worms mentioning that.  If there’s one thing I hate, it’s politics – Especially when people want to start arguing & carrying on… So on to a lighter subjects pertaining to our troops.  I’ve been on the Letter Writing Team of Soldiers Angels for quite some time now (something I may have mentioned way back when).  Very recently, I also joined the Bakers Angel team of Soldiers Angels, and just shipped off my very first package – cranberry-cardamom muffins- yesterday.  In addition, I also took muffins to the guys at one of the local fire stations.  Had a bit of a double take there… Back at the beginning of November, I didva ridealong and brought some muffins with me (different batch of course), then about a week ago, I brought muffins to a different shift at the same station.  Yesterday, I brought more muffins to a (supposedly) different shift again… So, who answers the door?? One of guys from the shift I had ridden with (the shift that got the first batch of muffins)…Turns out he was doing a shift swap, so in the end it was indeed a a different shift.  The guy did ask if I was riding with them again –  I WISH! 😀

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