#WeekendCoffeeShare: Sunday December 04, 2016

Well here we are, the first coffee share of December.  The weekend coffee share is hosted by Diana over at Part Time Monster Blog.

For now (until it’s gone) I’m treating myself with some Indelight Peppermint Mocha creamer – usually I just use regular half & half and a packet of stevia (sugar)….  Come, join me.  I have a single serve coffee-maker so it takes time, but I can make coffee to order.

So how is everyone doing? what has everyone been up to this week? 

Not much happened the first part of this last week….  Wednesday my husband had a double doctor appointment.  The first was in the morning with spinal cord doctor- I’m forgetting the exact title and am (honestly) too lazy right now to go find a business card or something.  The second appointment was that afternoon to see the endocrinologist – She (believe it was a she, I didn’t see & forgot the first name) wants hubby to increase his Metformin to 2x a day instead of once a day in the evenings.   Since we were out Wednesday, we ran a couple errands over on that side of town that we don’t normally get to.

I also joined the Soldier’s Angels Bakers Team and made my first batch of muffins to send to a military troop member.

And then there was our Mary Kay Meeting. We meet every other week and November was so crazy that we didn’t get to meet, so December was our first meeting together in probably a month- It was good to be back together.  Did some discussions and brainstorming.

Ohhh and, speaking of Mary Kay, I did my very first Facebook live event – showcasing the Timewise® Miracle set.  It went pretty well – though it actually wasn’t my first time doing live video like that (for a very brief time, I tried out periscope).  I’m thinking of trying out the “live” feature (on Facebook) again, this time just showing how quick & easy the set is to use… Maybe I’ll do a quick “dash out the door” look with it – “Dash out the door” that seems to be my going look in the mornings that I go out.

Well, that was my exciting- not so exciting- week.  What was your week about??  Hope it was an awesome one and wishing you a blessed week ahead.  As for me, it’s time for my second cup….Feel free to join me (virtually) for another cup.


3 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: Sunday December 04, 2016

  1. Hope everything is allright with your hubby. We have had a sad week, after God has taken a few angels back to heaven. Thanks for the coffee, Tena, can you put in some nip when I come to visit you, I am getting a little active of coffee 😉 Pawkisses for a Loving Day 🙂 ❤

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    • I can certainly put a bit of nip in for you next time. Hubby is fine – mostly routine visits. Sorry to hear of the losses. Granny & Gramps (reminds me of my own granny & gramps growing up – not blood relation but rather my baby sitter) must be quite saddened. My thoughts are with all of you.


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