Getting a later start than usual this week on my Weekend Coffee Share.  I was counting up points, this morning, to determine the winner (to receive a gift basket) of our “Holiday Shopping in Your Jammies” event.

A couple weeks ago I mentioned the possibile cheap fix for the “engine light” being on – code indicated something about EGR or EGH valve (?).  We had been told to try a new gas cap first.  Turned out that didn’t quite do the trick so we took the car back in thinking we would need the valve changed….Turned out it was basically a loose hose.  Total cost = ~ $50.  A lot better than the one or two hundred I was expecting to fix the problem.

The other concerning issue was the power steering.  A while back, we had a power steering fluid leak.  Turns out it was a loose bolt.  Hubby, son, & I were able to fix, but then we kept getting a kind of whining noise when turning steering wheel – so then the fear was that the pump may have died (possibly due to leak)….   Turns out all that needed to happen there was for the air to bleed out of the system – drive car as per normal, keep eye on level, add fluid as needed…. cost there = $10 for proper tool to tighten bolt + cost of powers steering fluid.

Not getting the whining noise anymore when turning , and engine light (that was giving code for EGR/EGH (?) valve seems to be staying off.
Yesterday we picked out a bed for our son (or rather he picked out his bed) – It gets delivered tomorrow.
So, what else….  We went out ton dinner with family for Thanksgiving.  Food was pretty good (not 5 star but not bad), but the line to get to the food was something else – Well over an hour to get to the food.  The place we ended up going to was cafeteria style (different than buffet style).  We thought of a few ideas that might could help things run a bit smoother and maybe keep the line moving along a little better.  Not an altogether bad experience, but not my pick for next year.

Believe that’s about it for my Weekend Coffee Share be sure and check out the other Coffee Shares and add your own.

Have a wonderful & blessed week every one and I’ll see you all next week.


2 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare

  1. Yes, the lines can be long for Thanksgiving meal with only a few restaurants open. I have feeling that is going to become the norm as cooking a big meal is hard on the host. Not having an expensive cost for the car is a plus. Your son will be delighted with his new bed. Have a pleasant week 🙌.

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