#WeekendCoffeeShare: Sunday November 20, 2016

Not sure if the Weekend Coffee Share is still on for this week – No word from Diana….   Nonetheless, I’m going to go with it.

That being said, I really don’t know what I’m going to “go” with….

Let’s see, Monday we had the car in the shop. They recommended that we try a new gas cap to see if that would fix the “EGR (EGH?)” error.  It’s basically a $5-$10 fix if it works (unfortunately it didn’t, but good to try & cheap fix if it had).  

Tuesday I spent the morning doing some clothes shopping at some second hand stores (hey, nothing wrong with second hand – you can find some really cute buys like these:  (I think the first one makes a nice “lounging around the house” dress, and you can always through something (shirt, sweater, shawl, wrap) over for more modesty, if desired, for going  out to store or to check mail or whatever.

Wednesday I went to a Contractor Coffee Forum at our local Fire Department.  My second one to attend and, as like last time, an interesting and educational experience sitting in on these (Okay, it is to me) – but I feel a bit like fish out of water when everyone introduces themselves.  I’m like the only person saying equivalent to “intetested civilian”, everyone else is basically either FD Personell or a contractor.  Nonetheless, it was fun to listen & learn.  I like how the fire department here works with the community and strives to make things work smoothly & easily for the contractors, and thus their (the contractors clients).  One way is by having a plan review checklist available on the website (something they are working on implementing) so that contractors can see exactly what is needed ahead of time thus (hopefully) diminishing back & forth paperwork and wasted time….. Ohh My.. Didn’t mean to go into that much.  What else….

That’s really about it.  I was suppose to have a couple “pampering sessions” scheduled but they had to cancel – Trying to reschedule but no luck yet.  Frustrating, but it happens.  I am excited about the “Holiday ‘Shopping in Your Jammies” event me and a couple of friends, in Direct Sales, are doing on Facebook – Kicks off this morning in…… 50 minutes (intro post in 30).

So that’s my week… Tell me about yours – Anything exciting? Or maybe it was just an ordinary kind of week (that’s good too – I like calm & ordinary).  Either way, Let’s hear it.

Hope you all have a wonderful & blessed week.  See you at the next Weekend Coffee Share (hopefully).


3 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: Sunday November 20, 2016

  1. Nothing at all wrong with second-hand. You can save a bundle of money. My family’s done it. My days are quiet as I’m handicapped and using a walker so don’t get out much. Indian neighborhoods are no place for the handicapped. We also live 43 steps up from the ground floor and there’s no elevator. Have a great week. 🙂 — Suzanne

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  2. My high school class sponsored a rummage sale this weekend and we donated some second hand clothing for sale. It was a huge hit and I for one was glad other people can find use (and happiness) over stuff I have kept for so long. That dress you got looks great btw. 😉 Have a pleasant week.

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