#WeekendCoffeeShare – November 13, 2016.

Time for our weekly Weekend Coffee Share…  What can I say about this past week??  We seemed to have spent quite a bit of time out and about, this week, with shopping (including research or window shopping), doctor appointments, and other errands.  Back out today with more of the research shopping. 

We got a new bed and new pillows as well as new sheets, pillowcases, comforter, etc.  Got a pillow wedge for hubby so he can have his head elevated when he gets a cold as well as be able to sit up in bed and read, watch TV, or work from his puter whenever his body is giving him trouble.    
I’d like to say “Thank goodness the elections are finally over” but doesn’t look like I can actuallly say that, not yet.  The political rants, mudslinging, hateful posts, bashing, and so on continue to fly, especially on facebook.  I’m really just getting tired of all of it, tired of opening up facebook and seeing all the rants and hatred.  Can’t we just get back to normal every day life already.  I have no problem with people expressing opinions, even negative opinions or what they believe is right or wrong with either candidate, but when the line is crossed to name-calling, mudslinging, and hurtful/hateful comments towards people who voted a certain way – well now that’s just too much, and too far.  I don’t care which side of the fence your on (or if your in the middle), that kind of attitude is just not cool.  You (and I’m mean you generically) have a right to your opinion, not (necessarily) the right to bash others for theirs….  OK rant over (and as much politics you’re likely to see coming from me {Have I mentioned before, I hate politics :-D}

So, on to some cutesie stuff.  Here is Meekah on our new bed – looks like she approves ;-).

And in Mary Kay news….

The holidays are around the corner and some are already beginning their holiday shopping.  If you do not already have a consultant, I would love to help you :-).  

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead.  Looking forward to reading some of your guys’ weekend coffee shares for this week  (and trying to read some from last week as well).


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