#WeekendCoffeeShare – Sunday, November 06, 2016.

Here we are, once again, time for our weekly coffee share (hosted by Diana of PartTime Monster blog).  Come, sit, join me for a cup – coffee, tea, …  So, tell me, How was your past week? What all have you been up to?  {Blehhhh, just got a taste of coffee grounds.  Ok back to our regularly scheduled program}.

I mentioned last week about my upcoming ride with the local FD.  It was a fun & interesting experience.  We actually went out on a several runs – Nope, sorry, really can’t tell you much more than that.  One interesting thing to note was the atmosphere in the station when the tones went off.  Best way I can think to describe was like a focused yet calm movement of crew to the trucks.  It was such that even me, with my short stature and out-of-shape body😆, was able to jump on board the engine with no rushing or difficulty whatsoever.  The most interesting was getting caught in the bathroom one time when the tones went off (yup, that really happened), and I still was on the engine for the call.  

Ironically, my original plan (after taking some “practice runs” getting on the engine, and talking to the captain) was to ride with rescue since both rescue & engine go out on most all medical calls and then ride engine for the calls where it was just them being toned out.   Things didn’t go as planned there.  First tone out – I don’t hear nature of call and didn’t here rescue toned out till I was already on the engine, Second tone out – Rescue wasn’t in quarters, I forget what happened the third time but about the third time I decided ‘to heck with it, I’ll just keep going with the engine’.  Thinking about it later it was actually better that I road engine as my seat on rescue would have been rear facing which is more difficult for me when it comes to my ears and the potential of getting carsick when I cannot see the road.

I am working on a short blog of my experience but will need to have it approved before going live.  If I do, it will be posted to my Public Safety Tidbits blog (I’ll post a little announcement here).

Let’s see what else was there this week?!?  Last sunday me and another Mary Kay colleague (and good friend) did a table at “Ride for Retts” – got a few leads; Monday, my husband had a doctor appointment with his new NP (the old one left the practice several weeks ago); Tuesday, I tried to listen in on a webinar about NREMT apps in the classroom but ended up with family stuff impeding my ability to do so; Friday, my husband went in for fasting labs.  While I was in the waiting room I got a call from the doctors office for me about something I had mentioned via the  “patient portal”.  Several minutes in, me and the caller realize that we’re both in the waiting room area – me in the actual waiting room, the caller behind the receptionist/check-in desk…..  too funny 😂.  

So, that was my week.  I think my second cup of coffee is ready and I have a pampering session to prepare for this morning (among other things to do).  Have a great week y’all, and I’ll see you next week.


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