#WeekendCoffeeShare: Sun Oct 30, 2016

Good Morning.  Just made myself up a cup of coffee with Pumpkin Spice Creamer from Indelight.  It’s a bit of a treat as we usually only have plain half & half w/ stevia for sugar here….  oh my gosh, where are my manners?!? Would you like a cup.  I can brew some up real quick, if you’d like.
How has your week been?  I’m afraid mine wasn’t much in the way of excitement.  Kind of makes me wonder, at times, what I’m doing joining Diana’s Weekend Coffee Share challenge.  My life is pretty much a bore.  I wouldn’t say that isn’t always something going on or things to do and take care of, just not much that you could call exciting – same ole, same ole for the most part.

So, let me see, what did we do around here the last week?!?  Well, I told you, last sunday, (I think) about doing a booth at Dogtober Fest that day.  It was a lot of fun and fairly successful in terms of getting some leads.  As you can probably guess, from the name, there were Lots and Lots of dogs there.  You don’t go to something like this if you don’t like or don’t care for dogs.  There were some real beauties there, some in some real cute outfits & costumed.

The other thing that happenned this week was a Trunk or Treat event at a school.

Didn’t realize it before, the candy bowl didn’t end up in the picture.

I don’t dress up, or really do anything, for halloween – so I just sort of threw something fun together.

The event was a bit hectic, but lots of fun.  I did a little game for the kids where they could win a prize (in addition to getting s piece of candy)… I did learn that I need to change things on my game a bit – either more prizes (equating to more $$ on my fixed income)  or include a “Nothing” option (which I’m fine with when it comes to the older “school age kids, but hard to do when it comes to the little guys).  I’m not big on halloween and all but I know people are going to do it, and kids are going to ‘trick or treat’.  That being the case, I like the idea of the “trunk or treat”.  I know a couple of school’s in my area have done this and I read of a police department in Texas that did one at one of their stations.  I think this is a wonderful way for the little ones to have fun in a safe environment.

I see my cat is at the door wanting in, so I guess I ought to do so and maybe consider making myself another cup of coffee (as well as some water to drink).  Wishing you all a wonderful & blessed week. 


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