Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge – Week 42

Here are my “off-the-wall” (apparently my ‘mini’ puter wanted to type off, instead of odd – Ha Ha :-D) photos….

She was lying there so good and nice & peaceful. Hard to imagine she’d do what she did in the next photo (spoiler alert/warning – if the site of a dead animal makes you squeamish, scroll by the second pic.  Not a gory picture, but deafinitely dead).

“Look what I brought you Ma.  Aren’t you proud of me”

I get a kick out of this meme (not mine) evetytime I see it… Somewhere I have a picture I took of a K9 police unit with the words “Stay Back” on it – Yeah, probably a good idea to heed the warning

Drove by this sign on way back to my car, after a Mary Kay booth event.  Came up with this idea: an ice-cream filled (softly) frozen donut, covered in hard-shell chocolate.  I think it sounds good, what do you think.

A “screen shot” I had taken to share with some twitter friends to describe the weather at the moment.

And probably the most odd-ball/off-the-wall photo of all.  I had been taking pictures of some “breast cancer awareness” items and had used a rose pink & beige towel as background.  At one point I left the camera on and laid my phone down on the towel.  Not sure why, but I decided to “take the picture”

Here is one of the photos I was actually taking 


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