#WeekendCoffeeShare: Sunday October 16, 2016

Good Morning  my coffee friends.  Just sitting down to a cup of coffee and homemade biscuits and 2 types of jam (no, they aren’t homemade) – pineapple and peach.  Care to join me?  My coffee maker is a single serve, that brews coffee right into your cup so I can customize.  It is BYOM….  ohhhh, and if you have a particular favorite coffee otherwise we have a  frenchroast-sumatra blend and a super dark.  I do have a coffee grinder, if you need, as well.

So what’s been going on with everyone this past week? Anything of excitement.  Join our host Diana over at PartTime Monster for this week’s coffee share.

The garage sale I mentioned last week went pretty well.  We sold a few things and made a little money, not much really.  We’re thinking of doing another maybe into November….  Yep, it’s warm enough around here to have garage sales in November, even into December.  In fact, the worst times here are the summer months – way too hot and during part of it you have to contend with monsoons.

The other thing I mentioned was my two “upcoming” ride-alongs with the local sheriff department and the local police department.  Obviously I can’t really share any details of what happenned during the course of the two ride-alongs.  I will tell you that when someone refuses to give a last name or makes evasive naneuvers so you can’t get a look at the registration or license plate on the car (btw we’re talking more than one incident here) they are likely trying to hide something.  I can tell you that these guys get a fair amount of silent alarms that they have to go check out as well as “suspicious” activity calls which usually amounts to “a male wearing all black walking down a major street with a gun in their holster (I should mention that we do allow open carry here), or an male and young female walking down the street in the middle of the day.  Often times, no other descriptors are given…  You start to wonder if it’s illegal to walk down the street – apparently doing so is considered suspicious activity by some (well-meaning) citizens.  And yet things that should be considered suspicious are often left unnoticed or unreported.

I have one more ride-along coming up the beginning of November with the local fire department.  Again, I won’t be able to share much of anything – especially the calls themselves – but will share what I am able of general operations and what it’s like riding with the fire department.

Hope you all have a wonderful and blessed week ahead.  See you all next weekend for another coffee share.


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