#WeekendCoffeeShare: Sunday Oct 2, 2016

Welcome to this weekend’s coffee share, hosted by Diane, Diana,….Diana.  I always know it’s one of the two, but always forget which one.  As you can see, I’m terrible with names.  I’ll recognizes faces, and blank on names.  But enough about names & faces and all that jazz…

How was your week?  Was it good? I hope so!  Ohh my gosh, where are my manners?!?  How about a cup of coffee?  Would you like cream,sugar, flavoring (I’ve got caramel & hazelnut).  There’s also hot water for tea, if you’d like.  We have a few varities.  Some peppermints, chai, lemon, jasmine, sleepytime (probably not a good bet unless you were on the night shift & ready for bed).

Honestly, I can’t really remember much of what happened this past week, not because I’m getting forgetful… on second thought 😕😁.  Seriously though, nothing stands out as super memorable.  I did get a letter, and a phone call.

The letter followed a phone call that I got earlier (not the one mentioned above), from Pima Sheriff’s Department saying I was approved for a ridealong.  That happens later this month.  The letter was basically telling me when & where to meet, as well as the rules I’ll need to abide by.  Pretty straight forward stuff, basically following directions of deputy and doing as told – well duhhh.

The phone call was from Northwest Fire saying I had been approved for a ride along with one of their engine companies.  I had actually got an email prior mentioning something to the same effect.  This particular ridealong will be occuring the first part of next month (a bit of wait).

In my adult life I’ve done several ridealongs with ambulance companies (this being back when I was working towards my EMT) and one police ridealong (not counting my ridealong with the Sheriff’s department).   The ridealong with the engine company of Northwest Fire will be a first.  Not at all sure what to expect.  I’m expected to report at 6am for the Sheriff’s Department ridealong, and 8am for the Fire Department ridealong.     Arrival timing has never been my strong suit but I’ll tell you, I’d rather be early than late, so that’s what I’m going to shoot for. 

These next couple weeks include a garage sale (of which we are spending today preparing for) a couple of jewish holidays and, of course, a ridealong…  More on all that another week.

Wishing you all a wonderful, happy, and blessed week till we meet again.


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