Daily Prompt: Test

I hate tests, always have.   I can study my ass off and still not be able to retain the information needed, much less be able to retrieve for a test.  The worst kind of tests are the kind that involve open-ended questions.  At least with “closed-ended” questions (is there really even such a thing) – typical T/F or pick best/correct answers I can narrow down choices and make educated guesses because the answer is there in my mind, I just need help retrieving.  With open-ended essay type questions, my mind goes blank and I don’t know where to even begin.

My son also has difficulty with tests, partly because the stress of taking a test.  We all (well most) feel a degree of stress when taking tests, but with autism it is slightly (or more so depending on the person) worse.  He is getting better and not stressing out as much….  He does still have difficulty when it comes to the concept of time in test taking.  He can get hyper-focused on a problem or question.  If he can’t see a clock, he has no concept of how much time has passed and how much time he’s spent on a problem relative to the total number of problems and the time allotted for the test.  Not sure if this is an autism thing or otherwise.

Daily Prompt: Test


3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Test

  1. I admire anyone with autism who tries hard to succeed. I can remember when it wasn’t recognized by all and children were made to feel less than bright. Standardized tests are a bane on learning. There has to be a better way. —- Suzanne

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