#WeekendCoffeeShare: Sunday September 25, 2016

Welcome; Pull up a chair and join me.  Hope you’ve all had a nice week.

I took a nice bike ride this morning.  My original plan was to make myself up a cup of coffee and  write my coffee share (hosted by Diana at PartTime Monster Blog) post, right after my morning ride.  Well I made my coffee, but then hubby needed my assistance with putting the rest of his chair back together (we had taken some parts off for cleaning).  As we were doing that, I remembered I had stuff in the washer that needed to be hung up (before I forgot all about it); And then there was the blanket from our bed that was due a washing….  Finally got that all squared away and am sitting in my comfy chair enjoying my coffee and reading & writing blogs (currently writing as you probably guessed).

The past couple of days, I’ve been dealing with an irritating tickle in my throat.  No soreness or anything, just the tickle.  If I try to ignore it, it gets worse and I ended up in a spastic coughing loop (a symptom of my cough-variant asthma).  Not exactly a fun experience.  The cough, at that point is weak and I can’t get in a deep enough breath to get a good cough in and yet I can’t stop with the weak cough.  On the flip side, actually coughing doesn’t do much either unless I cough so hard I get light-headed & dizzy, and even that doesn’t do much good for very long.   Yeah thrilling, not to mention tiring.

So, enough of the complaining.  I’ve heard back from the local Fire Department and they recieved my application requesting a ride-along.  It’s suppose to be scheduled sometime around or after late October – Waiting to hear back.  I’m also waiting to hear from the local Sheriff’s Department, as well, about doing a ride-along.  I’ve done (a while back) with our local Police and was trying to see about another – no response on that yet.

Hell’s Kitchen just started back up and so I’m watching that again (via Hulu).  Master Chef just ended about a week or so ago.  I’ve also been watching old Top Chef shows.   I really enjoy watching various cooking challenge & cooking reality shows.  Just wish I could view more.  Unfortunately we don’t have cable, and so I’m pretty well limited to what comes across on Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube.

I also have some Mary Kay orders to finish packaging up today, and prepare to be shipped tomorrow.  

I think that’s pretty much the all of it.  Let me know about your week.  Wishing you all a beautiful and wonderful week.


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