#WeekendCoffeeShare: September 05, 2016

Been thinking, this morning, that I really should do more with this blog, as well as my other 3 blogs.  Time just doesn’t seem to be my friend, LOL.

Just realized that I had already finished off my first cup of coffee before even starting my coffee share post.  If you have a moment, I’ll just start up some new…..  
Ok, got more coffee brewing  should be ready soon.  So, what’s been going on with everyone this past week?  For me, well let’s see….   I learned my son got elected to be Quartermaster.  This helps him earn his Star Rank.  He’s been vascilating about staying with scouts and wondering if it’s something he’s still interested in doing, so it was a surprise to learn he was elected to Quartermaster.   Personally, I want to see him stay with scouts and maybe earn his Eagle.  The leadership & “take charge” aspects may be a bit difficult for him, but I think with proper guidance & help he could probably do it….  Ohhh, hold on a sec, I think the coffee’s ready….

Got me another cup of coffee – Mmmm…. Ahhhh….  Ok, so, the other big thing from this week was going up to Phoenix for my cousin’s son’s Bar Mitzvah.  Bar Mitzvah means son of the Covenant.  A  Bar (or Bat for daughter) Mitzvah is a special tine for a jewish child.  It marks the passage from childhood into young adulthood.  At 20, they are condidered a full adult.  Between the age of Bar Mitzvah and full adulthood (20) there is a period of time where they basically learn to be an adult and learn what it means to follow the commandments (really a bad choice of words as command sounds forced, but I won’t go there) of G-d.  During this time, a Jewish child (really not a child anymore) is under the protection and guidance of their parents, but they also are more responsible for their own actions.  This is where parents may begin to take a step back and start letting the child make more of their own choices in life and letting them learn from their mistakes, stepping in when necessary to prevent harm or dire consequences.

Being that it was a Bar Mitzvah for a family member made it super special (2nd to my own son’s Bar Mitzvah – hey, I’m a mom), especially knowing the history of our family of our ancestors and how lucky we are to be here.

Well, sounds like the family is waking up and I have a facebook party to get under way – you guessed it, Mary Kay ;-).

Make sure you check out the other Weekend Coffee Share posts.  There may even be time to submit you’re own…. and be sure to folloe Part-Time Monster so you can be on top of rhe weekly Coffee Share.

Hope you all have an awesome week.  I wish you well.


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