#WeekendCoffeeShare: Sunday, August 28, 2016

The end of the month already.

Got my firsr cup of coffee made and I’m ready to do this.  At some point, here, I’m going to probably have to go help the hubby when he’s done with his shower.  

I just learned (well not literally, but the other day) that my son was elected quartermaster for his troop.  He needs this as part of hus rank advancement to earn his Star.

Ok, that’s done, hubby just finished his shower….  So whete was I? Ohh, right – my son, quartermaster, star.  I think this is a good position of office for him.

Took a quick break to take care of a few things, including making my 2nd cup of coffee.

The other thing going on this wrrk is that we received our Pampered Chef order, as well as several other packages.  Now we’re just waiting on 2 more packages- one of which is my new Mary Kay name tag (this time with the pin backing rather than magnetic).  The other is some “new” USB charging cords for our cell phones  – Don’t get me started on that.

Yesterday, I was sort of mulling over my list of hobbies and interests.  I guess you could say my hobbies (if I had both time & money for them) would be baking, photography, and maybe writing.  I do enjoy writing little “micro stories” for challenges (which I post on my writing blog Taini Writes.  I love to watch videos and shows that have to do with cooking, baking, and decorating.  I also enjoy making cookies & cupcakes.  I guess you could say baking would top the list and photography & writing would be tied.

The two things I find I have the most interest in would be anything to do with Fire/EMS and things that have to do with the way people lived in the past – I think that has to do with anthropology, but not sure….  I’m not really much into history or historical stuff, but I do find the study of how people lived fascinating.  My favorite era would have to be  the pioneer era and then probably colonial and victorian (early 1900s).

I feel like I’m beginning to ramble on.  I should let you do the talking whilst I finish my coffee.  Tell me about your week, and your thoughts.  Remember to check out the other Weekend Coffee Share posts and share your own.


3 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: Sunday, August 28, 2016

  1. It is good your son is advancing in,the scouts. Good luck to him in his new job. I like history and how people lived in the past. I often think how my grandmothers gave birth in homesteads. I know from knowledge that this generation has it easy. I remembered the ice box, the milkman , wringer washing machines, electricity, phones and radio coming into used. Life time for women was 55 and for men 50 when I was born. Now my aged 85 is nothing. I have lived 30 years longer than expected.

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