#WeekendCoffeeShate: July 10, 2016

Starting off my day drinking from one of my favorite cups – though I don’t use it often because it is so big and doesn’t fit well on my single cup coffee maker… Care to join me??  I can make coffee (or tea, even iced) to order

I was given this a while back by my team leader and it is a good reminder that dreams don’t just happen you have to make that happen and that (to paraphrase), God helps them that helps themselves.  It amazes me the people out there that believe they are “entitled” by color, gender, creed, etc… And in many ways (IMHO) they give a bad name to those (of “different” color, creed, etc) who are willing to work and not expect hand me outs because who/what they are.  It also takes away from, when you have people abusing the “welfare” system due to “entitlement”, those that really do need the assistance – those unable to work due to injury or medical reasons….  But I digress and am taking this post in a direction that I generally don’t go on this blog – political.  I will say this and then no more – equal rights should be just that  EQUAL.  Meanimg (for example) you should be chosen for a job based purely on your skills and ability to perform said job, irregardless of anything else.  The color of your skin and how you live your sexual life should, in no way factor in.  I will not deny that “minorities” have been denied jobs, etc because of their minority status but I also know of a situation where someone was denied access to a job or school because said place didn’t meet the minority quota (in other words, there weren’t enough minorities there).  What’s that you say?!?  I only have 1 example when media is filled with tons of examples of minorities being denied, not the other way.  Here’s my point, before you send the lynching mob, both extremes are wrong.  A person shouldn’t be denied because of skin color, gendwe, or sexual preference nor should they be given preferential treatment–  Like I said before Equal Opportunity means EQUAL…  OK, this time I really am done with all this political rant & crap.

The pin I was given the other night and our end of year recognition dinner, I think, pairs quite nicely with this cup.  Another reminder dreams come true.

I could speak more on our little recognition dinner but I’ll leave that for later, maybe.

As far as my week I can’t really think of much that happened.  It just seems to have flown by and I can’t account for my time.  I do know that I spent some time doing the usual housework, worked on a few small projects including helping my husband with some of his stuff, and did some work with my Mary Kay business including making some calls, texting and posting on Facebook/twitter – though not as much as I should be…  I’ve really got to step up my game.

Well that’s my week, and the end of my coffee – time for me to make another cup.  Tell me about your week and what your thoughts are on the whole “equal opportunity” thing – I only ask that you keep it respectful of everyone, and clean.


2 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShate: July 10, 2016

  1. Well said. One of my biggest pet peeves is those who expect “something for nothing” or feel that the rules simply don’t apply to them. You get what you earn…simple as that.

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