#WeekendCoffeeShare: June 26, 2016

Howdy  everyone.  Time for our weekly Coffee Chat, in fact I’m making coffee now.  Go agead and give me your orders – cream, sugar, both…we also have stevia blend if you want/need a more sugar-free option.

Okay, coffee’s done…

I was outside earlier spraying weeds and putting out some ant bait – we use Ortho Fire Ant Killer  which works great.  It’s also great for getting rid of cockroaches.  We don’t seem to get them here in Arizona, but they were a big problem for us in Texas…  An exterminator actually told us that trick about using Ortho to get  rid of cockroaches.  We tried it and it worked wonderfully.

So now that I got the stuff done outside that I  needed to before it got to hot to be out (as well as a few things around the house), I’m now sitting here enjoying a cup of coffee.

Later, towards evening, we go to dinner with my dad (who’s in town a few days) and ex step-mom.   Our son is soending time with grandpa while he’s in town over at grandma’s (my ex step-mom).  He’ll be coming home with us after dinner so we can get him all packed up fo his month long adventure as a junior counselor…  Then he’s off monday morning  with grandma for a trip to the Grand Canyon and then on to camp.  We won’t see him for a whe month… I wonder if we’ll recognize him when we pick him up at camp the end of July.  And just think, almost as soon  as he’s back from that, he has orientation for high school.  It’s a lot for a mom to take in — Junior Counselor for a month, starting high school, turning 15 soon.  Whoa, I need a minute to breathe and process…. Ok, I’m good.  For now.

I’ve been rattling on about me and my son and all.  I should stop and let you tell me about your week.  Better yet,  why don’t you join the Weekend Coffee Share hosted by Diane.  Share your “Coffee Share” post and read what others are sharing.

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and a great & blessee week.


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