#WeekendCoffeeShare #2 – In which I add to my previous post

Hello again.  So, how about a drink? There’s soda, ice-tea, water. I’m not planning on any, but I can always whip up a cup of coffee or hot tea if you wish.
I had to close out my earlier post without really finishing.  Sure, I could have simply gone back in and edited but decided to just do a second post….  Editing the earlier one just didn’t seem right – why? I don’t rightly know.
The middle part of the week before last I placed another bulk order to Mary Kay, which I received this last Thursday.  I’ve heard it said, from others that receiving your order is like getting a birthday gift or holiday gift (maybe both in one)…  You know, it’s true.  I find myself getting excited whenever my order arrives; And the best part, putting together the individual orders to deliver and to ship out to my clients.

Truly heart-warming to me is this order

which will be nicely packaged and delivered to a local cancer-care center. {The 2 small orange and cream tubes you see are actually a free gift sent to the sponsoree of these chemo care-packages.}

I also got a couple things for myself.

The best was the Limited Edition “Beauty That Counts” lipstick

from (of?) which $1 was donated to the Mary Kay Foundation (my apologies for the lack of quality in the picture).
Now, please, tell me about your week, what you did….

Well I certainly enjoyed our chats this morning and again this evening.  Hope you all have a wonderful and blessed week, and I promise to keep this double coffeesharing to a rarity.

The Weekend Coffee Share is hosted by Diane at part-time monster blog.


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