#WeekendCoffeeShare: June 4, 2016

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that we didn’t have coffee today as  I didn’t brew any – mainly because we don’t boil on shabbat and coffee makers (at least the one I have) boils.  It’s thw one day of the week I generally don’t do coffee.  I’ll admit we did have coffee last week, but only because I made it the night before.  Usually I don’t go through the trouble and we make do without (usually with soda – coca cola to be specific).  Last week I decided to go ahead with making the coffee the night before, mainly due to a 7am road trip (something else we wouldn’t normally be doing on a Saturday). 

I think I may have mentioned last week, I don’t recall, about the reason for our road trip last week.  But on the off-chance I didn’t,or if you missed it, here goes…  My son decided a few months back that he wanted to be a junior counselor at camp this year.  Camp sessions run Saturday to Saturday so we took our son up for his week of orientation last saturday.   When we spoke to him yesterday, he said he was having fun.  We sent him off to camp, last week, with a couple stamped post cards and instructions to write us – we’ll see if he actually does so (I haven’t checked the mail yet today).  Today his troop headed off to camp for their week of sunmer camp.  Our son will have met up with them this afternoon and will be coming home with them next Saturday.

If we were having coffee, or a soda in today’s case, I’d tell you I miss my son but that I am also very proud of him, and that I am looking forward to hearing how his week of orientation went.  At the same time, I’m nervous.  My son has been off learning to be a junior counselor, learning to be a leader – I am hoping he is taking the orientation & learning seriously and will be able to put what he learns into practice in July when he goes back up to camp to begin his duties.

If we were having coffee, I’d ask how your week was going and what you’ve been up to.  I’d wish you a wonderful week and tell you I’ se you next week (hopefully).

A huge thank you and shoutout to Diane at Part-Time Monster for hosting these Weekend Coffee Shares 


2 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: June 4, 2016

    • To be honest, LOL, I think he was excited about “getting paid” – until he was told junior counselors don’t get paid (they do, however, get store credit at the camp store)… We talked him back into the idea by telling him that in order to have a chance at being a (paid) counselor he had to start with being a (unpaid) junior. It was still his decision and he decided to go for it.

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