Daily Prompt: Childhood


The things I remember of my childhood seem long gone.  I remember playing outside, in the streets (the older kids watched out for the younger ones – ushering them out of the street when a car was coming).  When it was time to come home for dinner – well we knew when that time was and were expected home.  There was also the grapevine whistle (I recall one mom whose whistle could be heard a good block a way).  I remember doing a lot of reading.  I remember locating books in a library involved a card catalog, a pen & paper and something called the dewey decimal system.

Another observation –

We treat our kids like kids, without responsibilities or boundaries.  We raise them to think they can do whatever they want, be whatever they want and (in a round about way) that nothing is their faulr or responsibility….Then we kick them out in the real world and say “Have a nice life, adult”.

RIP Childhood


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