#WeeklySmile – What Made Me Smile?

Maybe it’s more of a pride thing than a smile thing, but thinking on it makes me smole.

On Saturday we drove our son up to camp for his week long orientation to be a junior counselor this summer.  While there is the usual nervousness, on the part of the parent (mainly me), there is also abundant pride.  

My nervousness comes from the fact that this will be his first time going up to camp not as a “camper” but in a leadership role.  This is also the first time he has gone up to camp with out his troop (who knows his peculiarities. I can only hope he is paying attention to his training this week and learning what he needs to.  Alas, I can’t be there to ensure he does.  Nonetheless, I am uber proud of him and his decision to do this…. And that makes me Smile :-

Joining Trent’s “Weekly Smile


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