#WeekendCoffeeShare: Sunday 01/31/2016

Good morning everyone.  Feeling much better today except for a bit of a plugged up ear and some (minor) residual dizziness.  Since this is a coffee share (hosted by Diane from Part Time Monster),  I’ve been sitting here enjoying my first cup of coffee of the morning.  In a short bit, I’ll be making my second cup and doing my morning coffee chat & knifty knitting on periscope.  I can be found by searching Pioneergirl08 and will show up with the name “Tena”.  I urge you, after your done reading my blogpost, of course, to go check out what others are sharing.  I’ve put a list of a few blog posts from other coffee sharers down below.

Got over what seemed to be a cold.  I suspect it was a cold, anyway, because my husband had what appeared to be a cold and my son also had a bit of congestion – though his wasn’t as bad and didn’t last as long (ahhh to be young).  I still have a bit of a runny nose but that always seems to happen to me whenever seasons start changing (every since I was young) and, lately, it seems it also happens following a cold.  Usually I have a fair amount of throat clearing and coughing going on around now.

Besides the residual sniffles,  my ear feels pretty plugged up.  Actually it’s been feeling plugged up a lot lately but the past couple of days it’s been worse and combined with some dizziness.  I did go to the Urgency Care center back on Thursday to get my ears checked out to make sure I didn’t have an ear infection or impacted wax.  The last time I was feeling dizzy like this, I went to get my ears checked as the kind dizziness I was experiencing is often a sign that I have an ear infection going on (I’ll get more to that in a second).  As it turns out, the last time, there was no infection but I did have compacted wax in my ear.   This time, there was no impaction and really no sign of an ear infection but the doctor did note (as I understand) a bit of congestion and swelling.  I left with a prescription for prenisone (for swelling) and a  recommendation to use an OTC decongestant.  He also recommended meclizine for the dizziness (which I had a bit left over from an previous experience with dizziness.

Okay, so I said I would explain the whole dizziness and ear infection comment earlier.  You see, because I have a hole in my right eardrum (purposely placed by my ENT years ago) I don’t have the usual build up of pressure that causes the pain associated with an ear infection.  I will at times get a feeling of fullness or an excessively plugged ear feeling but not the pain.  Why the dizziness, I am not altogether certain.  That was something I never did ask my old ENT about (or if I have, I have since forgotten the answer) and I have to seriously doubt if he would still be practicing or even still alive after all these years.  He was one of the best doctors I had, but that is a whole other story blogpost.

Here’s a few Coffee Share posts I came across:

Now on to my coffeeshares for a couple others blogs I have:



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    • People do & talk about all kinds of things on periscope… I do coffee chat in the morning, daily rebounder & modified burpees, and Mary Kay Monday (among other things).


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