#WeekendCoffeeShare: Jan 10, 2015 – Sorry for the MIA

Hey everyone!!  What’s up?!?  Wow, it really has been a while…  What’s up with y’all????  Me?…..  Ohhh you know, the usual.    Seems like I’m constantly running errands and such….  and when I’m home, well there’s always things to do around here.  Not that I don’t get a chance to sit – there’s plenty of chances for that.  And it’s those times that I spend working my Mary Kay business or working on one of my little “projects”

For those of you following the posts on the Weekend Coffee Share, you may notice that I am no longer including all my blogs but will be sticking to this blog and the family blog (Life Happens).  It’s just becoming too much to write on all the blogs I own and, to be honest, there really isn’t much to share on those.

I would like to do more writing and crafting but between hubby needing more help with things and me running a business, I’ve had to cut back.  I do still do some writing in response to some of the challenges – on Taini Writes – just not as much as I use to.  My craft basket is next to my chair in the living room waiting for me to pick it up…  At present   I’m slowly working on what will either be a lap blanket or a scarf,  I haven’t decided yet.

As for my Mary Kay business,  I’m thinking of “stealing” an idea from a teammate and doing a daily post to my Mary Kay Facebook Page  about one thing  I like about being an Independent Beauty Consultant or one way that it’s changed my life, or something like that.

Hope you all have a wonderful week. Catch you all next week.


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